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about/ 2015

India on the move

India on the Move is an initiative of a family. It is a project that helps, supports and inspires the local people from the Indian village of Pabekh. This project is inspired by heart and Pabekh will be a place where east meets west, to get inspired and enriched.

working with the heart

Volunteers are welcome to work on the land and to help with the projects.

It is a wonderful place to go for walks and practice yoga and learn meditation.


We made two rooms for guests and a part of that income will go to the project.

Read more about the projects!

India on the move

about/ 2015
pabekh/ 2015

about the village Pabekh

The village of Pabekh, located in the stunningly beautiful foothills of the Himalayas; where modern times have hardly set foot.

Pristine nature

Set in pristine natural forests filled with wild animals, beautiful birds and wild flowers Pabekh, which is without a road and with the nearest shop over 2km away seems a million years and miles away from  modern life. Amongst this beauty and isolation we have been building small discrete and traditional rooms to house guests who like us are searching for  an alternative.


Guests are free to relax, take walks in the foothills or learn and practice yoga whilst living on a diet of healthy biologically and locally grown food (depending on the season). In the shadow of the worlds youngest and greatest mountain range Pabekh is surrounded by outstanding beauty that together with the simpler life here offers visitors the opportunity to connect with a different Universe.


With rooms for both tourists and volunteers we offer the opportunity to spend relaxing holidays here knowing that the money spent with us is recycled into the projects and the local community. Anyone may volunteer and guests are particularly welcome to join in. If you have specific skills or wish to volunteer in any of our horticultural or educational projects please contact us.

about the village Pabekh

pabekh/ 2015
projects/ 2015

projects in Pabekh

  • The water project
  • The social project
  • The bead project
  • A creative school in Pabekh

The water project

Climate change as with everywhere affects and will continue to affect us too. Whilst we live in the foothills of the worlds greatest mountain range we still struggle with our water supplies, and as a result of low winter rains,our sources are drying up.

With this in mind we are determined to farm in a way that retains the water in the soil for as long as possible. Similarly we re-capture all our waste waters from the bathroom and kitchen which we then re-use to irrigate the trees.

To these ends we have been actively engaged in promoting rainwater harvesting; to store winter rains which we then use for summertime irrigation.

We will teach the children to swim (mainly girls who for superstitious reasons do not swim in the river).

The social project

Throughout the projects we have and are constructing we have involved the local community, sharing ideas and contracting local tradesmen for our construction and agricultural projects.

Working within and co-operatively with the local villagers we hope to foster an environment in which skills and ideas can be freely exchanged.

In this way we provide local villagers with an opportunity to both earn and learn, having in the past assisted one apprentice mason to graduate to a self employed status.

Through such involvement and skills exchange we hope to provide a mechanism by which local villagers can acquire a stronger skills base which they can then use within the community.

Whilst only a small step we hope our efforts will help to address the constant migration from the village to the cities that is driven by poor rural employment opportunities.

The bead project

With poor employment opportunities similarly existing for women we have also started a jewellery workshop project.

Concentrating on the young unmarried girls we hope to develop skills which they can continue to use within their home environment and once married earn money with it.

Although we do pay the girls for the work we largely run the enterprise as an education and training project in which we encourage a creative and friendly environment that we further use to teach the girls English.

Whilst still in it’s early development we hope for the jewellery sales to ultimately fund the venture and with the very first collection now available we hope our visitors will support this venture and encourage the girls by visiting our web shop(comming soon)

A creative school in Pabekh

Having inspired philosophers, artists and kings alike the Himalayas remains a great environment for creativity and innovation and in that spirit we hope to build an equally creative and innovative school in which to inspire the local children of Pabekh and the surrounding villages.

Whilst most children attend a local government school the curriculum lacks flexibility and provides few opportunities for creative expression or constructive analysis.

Much of the emphasis in the Indian education system is geared towards providing basic skills, the so called three ‘Rs’ of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic with little attempt to provide a platform in which to use such skills or to develop them into the more complex area of problem solving.

Within the school we hope to encourage children to develop their creative talents through play, music, drama, puppetry, drawing & painting. To these ends we have been working in conjunction with The APV-school in Anjainisain ( www.apvschool.org) with whom we have conducted workshops in the subjects of maths, music and awareness.

Village Playground

Although Pabekh is set in beautiful natural surroundings it lacked basic children’s facilities in the form of a playground and sports ground: so we built one next to our house.

There is a bike to cycle in Pabekh. Yet it is a great success, they also come from other villages to be here learning to ride and even the older generation is practicing!

projects in Pabekh

projects/ 2015
history/ 2015

a brief history

My name is Nina Gijswijt and I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I currently live in India where I am happily married to Poorna Nand  and with whom I have a daughter, Dina Ilahi.

India 2001

For the last 10 years we have been searching India to find the right place to realize our dreams and plans to find a place where we could produce ecologically sound food in sufficient quantity, to be self supporting, teach children to respect all life and to appreciate the beauty of this Earth. A place that is welcome for everyone and anyone searching for inner well being and the same harmonious goals as ourselves.

South India

Our journey begun at Auroville in southern India, where we lived for three years and where we run a bakery specializing in vegan cakes (contain no animal products or fats such as butter or milk) and where we started a small school  for the Western children who lived there .

However the intense heat of the Southern Indian climate coupled with the high humidity proved  too much of an annual burden and from which the only respite was to do as the British did, and escape to the hills.

North India

After 3 years in the south of India we reluctantly moved to the north, to Uttarakhand, the state in which my husband was born, settling in Dehra-Dun.

From here we begun to seriously  start looking for the right place and after a period of 7 years, we believe we have now found the ideal location to realize our dreams. Poorna’s native place…


A small village in Uttarakhand, Pabekh lies close to the Rajaji National Park and makes for a wonderful place to go for walks, practice yoga and find a moment for yourself.

Since moving here we have concentrated on building links with the local community whilst establishing a guest house to accommodate visiting tourists. The village locals help us earn from the guest house and support the projects.

a brief history

history/ 2015
contact/ 2015

get in touch

Dear friends, SUPPORT US with this project!

We can make this project successful with your help, support and interest in us!

Share knowledge

We ask you to support us with your actions.

Either to share your practical knowledge with us, or come as a volunteer for this project in India or in Holland, by means of actions and networking.

Visit us!

Volunteers are welcome to work on the land and to help with the projects. It is a wonderful place to go for walks and practice yoga and learn meditation. It is a wonderful place to be close to nature and to absorb the silence which you find in Pabekh.


Of course it’s also possible to support us financially, by donating on:

NL52 TRIO 0781 405785
t.n.v. India on the Move



Receive update

We’ll keep you posted, so you’ll know what your donation was used for. You can check the latest newsletters in the sidebar on the left.

Thank you very much and hopefully we’ll see you in Pabekh,

You can e-mail us: ninaxpoorna@yahoo.co.uk

On behalf of the people in Pabekh, Nina, Poorna & Dina THANKS!

get in touch

contact/ 2015